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4 Problems Caused By Drano

Posted by Ken Flournoy on Sep 14, 2016 8:00:00 AM

4 Problems that Drano CausesWhen we seem to have issues with our drains, we always reach for the Drano. We think it's the perfect, most affordable solution and will easily reduce any drain clogging. It might be harsh to read, especially if you just finished screwing the cap back on your bottle, but throw the container out! You heard us — throw it out, and let us discuss a few problems caused by the popular product that you may not have known about:

  • Drano heats up your pipes: This simply means the chemicals used in the product are working together and creating heat with each chemical reaction. As we all know, Drano has to sit in order to "get the job done." While the chemicals are sitting in your drain, they're generating more and more heat, and over time the combination of chemicals and heat cause corroded and damaged pipes, a cracked toilet bowl, and softened PVC pipes.
  • Drano has Environmentally Unsafe Ingredients: Not only can Drano seep into your sewage system and make its way into rivers, lakes, and even the ocean, but consider your personal "home environment," especially if you have children and pets around. Drano contains many, many toxins, meaning the container itself should be held with caution (we suggest using gloves) and kept far, far away from food, children, and pets.
  • Drano isn't Safe for Your Family: Remember when you thought it was silly for us to suggest using Drano with gloves? Consider this: your pet is thirsty and decides to go fetch some water out of the very toilet bowl you just put Drano down. Once they've finished their drink, not only will your precious pooch or cuddly cat experience horrible burns and irritation, they will probably run around your house and hop on your furniture. As they frolic on your couch, pillows, and bed, they will expose toxins to the entire family that were originally only meant to get that toilet unclogged.
  • Drano Could Cause an Eruption: It's been a week since you put Drano down your pipes, so you probably think it's time to do a little more cleaning; so, as usual, you throw some Clorox or other liquid cleaner in your toilet bowl to fight mold and mildew. If your toilet's not fully unclogged yet, there's a good chance your Drano is still lingering and you aren't even aware of it. When you begin to spray other chemicals into your commode, you're mixing highly toxic Drano with other highly toxic chemicals, and you could end up with a terrible and dangerous chemical eruption/explosion.

As a best practice, remember that clogged drains come from what you put down them in the first place, so be cautious of what you put down the drain and always keep a plunger nearby. Sometimes you can't help a clogged drain, and that's why Ken's Plumbing is at your service! Our hard working, experienced professionals are here for you 24/7! If you are experiencing any issues, be sure to schedule service with us by clicking the banner below, or calling us at (864) 242-5511 so we can assist all your plumbing, water heater, and drain needs.

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