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How to Know Whether to DIY or Call a Plumber

Posted by Ken Flournoy on Nov 30, 2018 10:55:05 AM

Do-It-Yourself projects, whether it's building your own furniture, installing new flooring, or fixing broken appliances, allow people to truly enjoy the sense of accomplishment and the money they saved by doing the project without professional help.

However, there are certain times when attempting to complete a project or repair on your own can be detrimental to you, your home, or both.

Today we're going to look at how you can tell whether a plumbing job can be done yourself, or if you should call in a professional plumber to handle it for you.

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Why You Should Give a Crap About Your Plumbing System

Posted by Ken Flournoy on Sep 4, 2018 1:26:00 PM

The plumbing system in your home gets used constantly. Every time you take a shower, wash your hands, do the laundry, run your dish washer, go to the bathroom, water the garden...  Well, you get the idea.

While you may not think about where the water comes from and how it gets to its final destination, the process is more complicated than you might think, and it's important to make sure your plumbing system stays healthy.

If your plumbing system breaks down, you will quickly find yourself wanting to pull your hair out in frustration.

Day to day activities aren't the only reason you should care about the health of your plumbing system. Let's take a closer look at why your plumbing system is so important, and why you should give more thought to its health and longevity.

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5 Keys to Hiring the Right Plumber

Posted by Ken Flournoy on Oct 16, 2015 1:58:05 PM

We have written before about which plumbers you should avoid, but how do you identify a good plumber that's worth hiring? 

There are a few things that make the best plumbers stand out from the bummer plumbers. We'll tell you what to look for so that you know when you're hiring the right professional for the job.

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How to Recognize and Avoid Plumbing Scams

Posted by Ken Flournoy on Oct 14, 2015 1:18:06 PM

As if something going wrong with your plumbing wasn't bad enough — accidentally hiring an unreliable or dishonest plumber or contractor just adds insult to injury. As you search for the right person to get the job done, and get it done well, there are a few things you should keep in mind...

How to Recognize a Subpar Plumber

If the plumber you're considering tries any of the following, they are definitely not the best choice for you:

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