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How to Know Whether to DIY or Call a Plumber

Posted by Ken Flournoy on Nov 30, 2018 10:55:05 AM

DIY PlumbingDo-It-Yourself projects, whether it's building your own furniture, installing new flooring, or fixing broken appliances, allow people to truly enjoy the sense of accomplishment and the money they saved by doing the project without professional help.

However, there are certain times when attempting to complete a project or repair on your own can be detrimental to you, your home, or both.

Today we're going to look at how you can tell whether a plumbing job can be done yourself, or if you should call in a professional plumber to handle it for you.

Plumbing Jobs You Can DIY

When it comes to your home's plumbing, there are a few key signs that suggest a DIY. Plumbing jobs that can be done without opening up a wall, ripping up flooring, or completely removing an appliance are a pretty safe bet to be handled on your own. Things such as:

While these projects can range in difficulty depending on the severity of the leaks and clogs, or the brand of plumbing fixture, with a little bit of elbow grease you should be able to manage these things on your own. If however, you've been attempting to handle these things on your own and it's just not working out, call a plumber.

The problem could be deeper than a surface level toilet clog or leak.

Plumbing Jobs Best Left to the Pros

Not all plumbing problems are created equal, while a clogged drain or leaky faucet might just require a simple fix, there are some plumbing issues that are just too complicated to tackle on your own. Anytime you have to get at the pipes under the floor, in the ceiling, or behind a wall, you should call in professional help. Here are a few examples of plumbing projects you need a pro to handle.

If the problems you're dealing with fit into the above or similar categories, you should call a plumber right away. They will have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to get the job done correctly without causing any further damage to your home's plumbing. 

Call Ken's Plumbing!

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