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Cool Off With These Clever Water Tricks

Posted by Ken Flournoy on Jul 20, 2017 9:24:17 AM

cool off this summer with these water tricksNeed to keep cool this summer WITHOUT cranking up the AC? Perhaps you’re trying to save money by conserving energy, you’re spending lots of time in the great outdoors, or you’ve been working outside and want relief from the heat now.

One of the best tools for beating the heat quickly is something most of us are blessed to have access to at all times: clean, fresh water.   

Even if you don’t have your own backyard pool, you can still use water tricks to keep you cool around your house and yard:

Drink Plenty of Cold Water

This one isn’t hard to understand, since when we’re feeling hot we’re probably craving something cold to drink anyway. The cold temperature of the water moving through your mouth and down your throat will help you feel cooler and lower your body temperature. Drinking water (instead of sodium-laden sodas) will also keep you hydrated, especially important if you’ve lost moisture through sweating.

Cool Your Neck

Working outside, or just need to chill fast? A wet cloth on the back of your neck will keep you feeling cool even in humid environments. Chilling the skin of your neck has a cooling effect on the whole body because it’s a place where blood vessels are close to the surface of the skin.

A plain washcloth or bandana will work fine for this trick. You can also find towels made of special materials that stay unusually cool when exposed to water—look for them in the sport section of your local Target or Walmart.

Chill Your Pulse Points

This one sounds a little odd, but there are certain spots of your body that are more sensitive to heat loss than others, including the backs of your knees, your armpits, your ankles, and your wrists. Apply cold water or ice to these spots for just a minute or so and feel for yourself the difference it makes!

DON’T put the ice cube directly against your skin, since it can actually give you frostbite (even in the summer!). Instead, wrap the cube in gauze, a paper towel, or a cloth.

Take a Cool Shower

Feeling sweaty or grimy? Taking a cool shower (with water at room temperature or a little colder) can help you feel refreshed by lowering your body temperature. It also will help you avoid filling up your bathroom with hot steam, which can contribute to the house feeling hot and sticky. Some people even enjoy ice-cold showers, but we’ll just stick with cool ourselves.

Use The Hose or Sprinklers

This one might take you back to your carefree childhood days. While watering your garden or observing your sprinkler system, don’t be shy about letting some of the mist or direct spray get on your skin. The relief from the heat will be worth it!

(Of course, you want to make sure you’re using your watering system as efficiently as possible to keep your plants healthy and your water bills down.)

Water Not Flowing Freely?

If you’re having trouble with low water pressure preventing your water from flowing well, or if your bill is inexplicably high despite no obvious change in your water usage, you’ll want to get a plumber to come check for leaks right away. Give Ken’s a call at (864) 242-5511—we’re available any time of the day or night, and even in the hottest weather!

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