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Easy Water Saving Tips

Posted by Ken Flournoy on Oct 25, 2016 9:39:00 AM


The following article on water saving tips is from our Plumber.ca friends based out of Toronto, Canada. Plumber.ca not only utilizes a 24-hour service for their customers while providing affordable plumbing and reliability services, but they contribute helpful instructions to better ensure their customer's plumbing services. 

We've established a few water saving tips to help you balance and maintain during one of the busiest times of the year. Households with children especially are establishing new daily routines during the Fall and while things can get fairly hectic, it's important to consider how to easily create simple, effective water saving habits.

Here are a few simple ways you can make water conservation easy to build in your daily life:

  1. One of our recommended easy water saving tips is to simply reuse your towels. Rather than placing the towel in the laundry hamper, hang it up and let it dry so you can use it again after your next bath or shower. Even consider purchasing robe hooks or using an old coat rack in the bathroom. This way everyone can have a designated hook and there is no need to bunch up towels on a traditional towel bar.

  2. Another easy water saving tip is to wear clothing again that can likely go without being washed, such as jeans and sweaters. While you are undressing after a day from work or school, check to see if any items could be reworn. This is a great way to save a lot of water, as well as energy and time, by doing less laundry. And when you're doing the laundry, remember to use cold water and appropriate load sizes. Line-dry or air out your clothes whenever possible — this is a tactic that's never going out of style!

  3. One of the easiest water saving tips is to keep a pitcher of drinking water in the fridge rather than allowing the tap to run and get cold before filling your glass. It's also a good idea to add fruits such as limes or strawberries into the water to produce flavor and provide a healthy option for the family instead of soda or sugary drinks.

  4. Using a timer when showering is another one of our suggested tips. Limiting showers to ten minutes can help keep everyone on track in regards to sharing the bathroom and saving water. It's highly suggested that you replace older showerheads with a low flow showerhead which can save nearly two gallons of water every minute!

  5. Taking fewer showers each week is one of the simplest water saving tips. Every second day or so may work for you. Try not to let the shower run before stepping in because about twenty percent of water is wasted each time we shower. 

  6. Consider installing a greywater recycling system in your shower which automatically filters and treats the excess water to divert to the toilet or your irrigation system. Or, take a bucket into the shower and allow it to collect the extra water which you can use to flush your toilet or water your garden.

  7. Water and energy are interconnected, so when you have the opportunity to reuse items such as lunch baggies, water bottles, food containers, and shopping bags, you are creating a savings of both compared to single-use options. And while it may take water to clean these items, it takes far less to clean them than it does to create them!

By becoming aware of these simple water saving tips and building them into to our daily routines, we are conserving resources while getting a longer life out of our plumbing and creating a savings on water and energy bills. Every drop counts and by making these minor changes you're making a big difference!

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