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Everything You Need to Know About Trenchless Drain Technology

Posted by Ken Flournoy on Mar 9, 2016 8:00:00 AM

trenchless drainsDoes your home's drainage system need an update, but you cringe at the thought of having to dig up your perfectly manicured lawn for it to be installed? Well, what if we told you there's another way... 

Thanks to modern trenchless drain technology, also called trenchless pipe bursting or trenchless sewer replacement, your underground pipes can be replaced with very little damage to your lawn. How? 

Let's explore that in more depth...

How Does Trenchless Drain Technology Work?

  1. First, a sewer camera is used to identify problems. The best way to see what's wrong is to see what's wrong! To do this, a special camera is run through either your sewer, kitchen, or laundry lines so your technician can see what they're working with. From there, they will be able to evaluate your needs and recommend the best trenchless solution for your drain problem.

  2. Now it's time to access the sewer line. To insert the pipe, your plumber will dig two small holes at the beginning and end of the pipe being replaced — so, you won't be able to completely avoid a dig, but 2 small holes is way better than uprooting your entire yard. Once the holes are dug, a cable will be inserted at one end and fed through using a pneumatic jack.

  3. Finally, the old pipe is replaced with a brand new one. The bursting head is attached to your brand new pipe and is then pulled through your old sewer line. As it is being pulled through, it brings the new pipe into place and breaks away the old pipe.

What Are The Benefits Of Trenchless Pipe Bursting?

  • No Major Digging Required. Again, with trenchless sewer replacement, only two small holes are dug in your yard. This means all of your landscaping is kept intact and you won't have a backhoe surrounded by piles of dirt in your yard for a week.
  • Saves Time And Money. Not only do you save by not having to pay for excavation and re-landscaping, but the method itself is about 40% cheaper!

When Trenchless Drain Pipe Bursting is Your Best Option

  • When working with pipes that run underground (under your home, apartment, or landscaping)
  • Your sewer pipes have burst from blockages due to tree roots or other debris in the lines
  • If you experience persistent sewer backups or leaks due to improperly installed pipes
  • Your water pipes are broken and cracked due to earth movement or the house settling
  • Your pipes are damaged from repeated freezing and thawing
  • You're in need of a larger water line to better accommodate your household's needs

When Trenchless Drain Pipe Bursting isn't Your Best Option

Unfortunately, as with anything, there are some cons regarding trenchless drain technology. For example,

  • There are areas where this technique is illegal
  • Sometimes, because of the pipe needing to be replaced or the layout of your yard, this technique is impossible
  • You'll have to be absolutely positive no electrical or gas lines will be affected by the process

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