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It’s Time for Spring Cleaning! Here Is How to Properly Clean Your Bathroom

Posted by Ken Flournoy on May 2, 2019 3:26:00 PM

Cleaning Your BathroomSpring time is here! Spring means flowers, sun, baseball, warmer temperatures as well as... spring cleaning. And guess which room is the least favorite and the most ignored? Your bathroom! Although we don’t want to associate spring with cleaning our bathrooms, once you have a method of attack, it’s really not so bad. Here are some tips on how to properly clean your bathroom:

Remove everything from the bathroom

Although somewhat of a hassle up front, you will save time and heart ache later because you won’t have to shuffle items across counters and onto shelves, your toilet and your bathtub. Take shampoo and soap out of your shower as well as any other items. Clean out your medicine cabinet. Take everything off counters and under the sink. Grab a box and put everything in and take it to the hallway. Get any towels or rugs off the floor to place in the washer. Make sure to also get your trash can. Empty it and place it with everything else.

Dust, sweep and vacuum

You can use a duster to get the tough ceiling corners. Dust underneath and behind anything and everything you can.  Get behind light fixtures and other areas that collect cobwebs. Dust around vents and fans. As a final step, use a vacuum for good measure.

Spray cleaner inside shower and bathtub

Use whatever cleaner you normally use and spray it inside your shower and bathtub. You’ll get back to that later and it gives the cleaner time to do some of the heavy lifting for you. Don’t forget the shower track!

Attack all surfaces

Spray your cleaner on a washcloth or sponge and wipe down all surfaces: walls, baseboards, cupboards, medicine cabinet, towel rack, windowsills. Move methodically from one end of the bathroom to the next.

Prepare to mop

Fill a bucket with warm water and add your cleaner. Let it sit until you are ready to mop.

Clean shower and bathtub

The cleaner has done the heavy lifting and now you can go in and wipe down the entire shower and bathtub, scrubbing out those tough spots where necessary. Don’t forget drain, shower head, and faucet, as well as the floor and walls. Replace the items that go back into the shower. Wipe down each item as you replace it. If you have a glass shower door, use a cleaner and wipe it down. Shut the shower door and move on.

Clean sink

Spray your cleaner on the counter top, sink basin and the faucet. Use a clean cloth. Find those spots that accrue grime and scrub them out. Clean the faucet to a shiny finish. Clean the drain, then clean the mirror with a window cleaner.

Clean toilet

Your favorite part! Hang in there, you are almost done. Spray a toilet-specific cleaner inside the bowl and scrub with a brush. Use an all purpose cleaner for the outside of the toilet. Make sure to get behind the toilet and into those tricky areas.

Mop the floor

Grab the bucket with the warm water and cleaner and finish by mopping the floor. Replace the rest of the items, wiping each down and then replace the towels and rugs which have just been cleaned.

You did it! To avoid having to perform a full out cleaning operation try “cleaning as you go.” Use a hand held vacuum.  Wipe down shower walls after a shower, clean the sink quickly in the evening and scrub the toilet a few times a week.  Have a great spring! And if you find any issues with your bathroom plumbing as you're cleaning, don't hesitate to give us a call or contact us online to get help.

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