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What to Expect During Your Yearly Plumbing Checkup

Posted by Ken Flournoy on Nov 4, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Ywhat to expect during your yearly plumbing checkupou always hear that your home should have a checkup once per year to make sure everything is in proper working order, but what does that even mean? Does your home really need a check up? What do they even check?

We can assure you that yes, your home does need a checkup — those yearly maintenance visits allow professionals to find and fix tiny problems before they become big, expensive disasters! Not only can you save money with preventative maintenance, but you can save big by signing up for a preventative maintenance plan that guarantees several different services performed at one flat yearly rate. But just what services are you getting?

Anatomy of a Plumbing Checkup

When you call Ken's Plumbing (the Picky People's Plumber) for a yearly plumbing checkup, this is what you can expect:

In addition to all of that, you can rest assured that you'll also recieve the service we’re most known for — we'll treat you like a member of the family and will be more than happy to answer your questions and address any concerns, big or small. If you'd like to recieve all of these services year after year, you should consider membership to our Diamond Club.

For $120 a year, you'll recieve hundreds of dollars worth of preventative maintenance services, PLUS a 10% discount for any other services you need throughout the year, PLUS priority scheduling for all services!

On top of our preventative maintenance, we also offer emergency services and are available for you 24/7/364 (every day but Christmas)! We'd love to help keep your home's plumbing in mint condition, so give Ken's Plumbing a call at (864) 242-5511 or click the banner below to schedule your service online.Plumbing services greenville sc

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